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Name:Kol Mikaelson
Birthdate:Dec 21
Location:Colorado, United States of America
Character Name: Kol Mikaelson
Gender: Male
Age: 1000 years, give or take
Canon: The Vampire Diaries/The Originals

Current Goal/Purpose: Long Term - Getting revenge on his brother Klaus for keeping him in a death sleep. Short Term - Going to Denver to spy on Jeremy Gilbert for his family.

General Personality: Throughout his life, Kol has emotionally struggled with his status as the black sheep of the family, and the belief that his siblings considered him to be more of a nuisance than their brother - he was even shown to be rather spiteful and jealous over Marcel Gerard, whom he saw was treated more like family than he ever was - and as such, Kol often lashed out violently and boldly, earning him a dangerous reputation and on occasion, the ire of his siblings. In reality however, his behavior is revealed to be simple cries for attention.

General History: During the Middle Ages, Kol was born in a small village, now known as Mystic Falls, living with his family as a human, up until his younger brother, Henrik, was killed by werewolves. It was because of this tragedy that his mother, Esther (who is the Original Witch), and his father, Mikael, decided to take action to protect the rest of their family. Esther performed the Immortality Spell at Mikael's request. She then gave her children wine laced with Tatia's blood and then had Mikael kill their children. Later, Mikael forced them to feed on human blood, thus turning them into the Original Vampires. After the death of Esther, the various members of the Original Family all went different ways and it can be assumed that Kol made his way to Europe around this time.

Before becoming a vampire, Kol practiced magic as a witch and was, according to him, a very talented one. He even described himself as something of a child prodigy. He was also the only one of his siblings who truly tapped into the power magic provided them and as such, loved the rush and thrill it gave him but when turned into a vampire, he lost this and was no doubt dismayed. In order to get a similar thrill to what magic gave him once more, Kol, as a vampire, became a violent, formidable and untameable force.
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